Cooler with some rain chances...

>> Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Louis has been fascinating to watch this morning. The city has literally been right on the dividing line between heavy snow and heavy rain. NW section of the city continue to have heavy, wet snow....some rain involved in southeast sections.

Here is a link to the traffic cams around the STL area.

What a fantastic weekend around here! Highs surged way up into the 70s yesterday.....even upper 70s in some spots. What a day....

Back to a cooler reality today though with mid to upper 50s around the I-40 corridor and lower 60s around Charlotte. We will see a good deal of clouds, and a little light rain is possible in the northwest Piedmont and foothills especially.

A better chance of rain will roll into the region later tomorrow as the next system actually swings through. A cold air damming scenario will be in play, and highs will struggle into the upper 40s and lower 50s in the favored damming regions.

If you are wanting warmer weather again....hang is coming. Highs by Thursday will return to the 70s, and I think some spots might very well near 80 Friday!

Early next week looks quite warm with a big upper level ridge in the eastern US....However, the NAO is headed back into the negative territory, and that will mean more cold air into at least the Great Lakes and Northeast.....we will see if it makes it this far south eventually later this month.


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