>> Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Simply put, the weather this afternoon will be fantastic with highs close to 70 and full sun. Highs tomorrow will be close to 80, and many places could be a degree or two warmer than that Saturday.

Highs will return to the 60s Sunday, but we will be right back up around 80 or so again Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

If you have been following along here on the blog and video, you know I have been discussing the possibility of a late-season blast of cold air later this month. That the Lakes and Northeast would get cold again was a foregone conclusion. But I am more confident today that the shot of cold air will make it, at least briefly, into the Carolinas toward the end of next week.

See the video (in the post below) for more...I also explain why the potential cold shot would likely not last terribly long.

NCAA bracket...

I probably have less confidence in my bracket this year than most years in recent memory. We will see how the games shake out. However, aside from maybe the opening day of college football season, today and tomorrow are probably my two favorite sports days of the year. Looking forward to another great tournament.


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