>> Sunday, March 07, 2010

Thanks for the well-wishes regarding my surgery. I am slowly recovering. Obviously, still a lot of knee pain and stiffness, but I can now lift my leg and hold it a few seconds this morning. That's an improvement. Still will be on crutches for a couple of days.

I haven't been able to look at much weather stuff, so forgive my lack of getting into that this morning.

Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and kicking!

Enjoy a great Sunday.....


Susanna 9:56 AM  

Glad to hear you're improving! Don't worry about weather stuff. We'll survive a few days. :) just take care, enjoy some time with your family while you recover. Still in my prayers!

DoubleJ 1:15 PM  

It should be sunny and clear until Wednesday I think. JK. I am glad things went well and I hope you are back on your feet soon.

Anonymous 4:11 PM  

well, you are over the hump the day after is BAD I wanted to kill my DR. Like I said PT is the key,2 or 3 times a day if you can..Good luck it gets better!

Sherry Hefner 1:18 AM  

Praying for you to continue to improve!

Anonymous 8:53 AM  

Hey Matt, don't worry the weather will be here when you get back! Rest up and feel better. Look at it this way, no more 2 gallon drainings every year! Just a little ways to go.


Matthew East 1:36 PM  

Thanks so much for your well-wishes and kindness guys! Trying to get the knee back into shape, but it is a slow process.....

Took most of the bandages/ wrapping off of my knee this morning. Evidently I am sensitive to that type of adhesive tape. Wasn't pretty. Otherwise, knee is quite swollen & still a lot of pain. Trying to get there, but I am not to the point of not needing crutches yet. Still too much instability in the knee. Probably off to nap more after lunch....this pain medicine means business....

Again, thanks for the kind words!

Matthew East 1:41 PM  

Oh, I forgot to mention that unless some tests the doctor is running come back showing something, he wasn't able to find anything structurally wrong with the knee aside from severely irritated knee lining. He took some biopsy material and spent quite a while cleaning up the knee lining.

If those things don't find the answer, then he said it is time to head to the rheumatologist.....

rosie 2:08 PM  

Feel better soon, we miss you!

Anonymous 8:42 AM  

miss u, take it easy, don't overdo !! you will be back on your feet before you know it !!

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