Rain and some storms this evening....

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Rain and storms will roll through the region this evening. The storms near the leading edge of the activity (area generally circled in red in the radar image above, from around 6pm) have been strengthening over the past hour or so.

A couple of strong to severe storms are certainly possible. Some heavy rain, gusty winds, hail, and lightning are possible with the stronger storms.

Keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina on television for the latest.


Anonymous 11:24 PM  

Very Heavy rain still at 11:30 PM in statesville...Hailed for a minute or two around 9 PM....I love thunderstorms :)

Matthew East 8:44 AM  

Yeah, never saw any hail at our house, but we had a nice, long extended period of thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms as well....that was nice!

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