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>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

My original plan had been to come back to work this morning, but all things considered yesterday, it seemed best to not push it and plan to return Monday instead. The swelling and pain get a touch better each day, but there is still a lot of instability in the knee.....and fairly often it will 'give way' when I am trying to shuffle around. So, thought it best to give it a few more days. Besides, don't need to make a youtube clip of me collapsing on air.....

In terms of the weather, flooding rains have occurred in parts of the Deep South, especially Alabama into parts of Georgia. This is a slow-moving upper air pattern, and one disturbance after another keeps moving our way.

For the NC Piedmont, it looks like later today into tonight we will see a wave of rain move through and then another way probably Friday evening/night. Some thunderstorms could be involved, and a couple of strong ones too.

Check the SPC Products as well as the Radar and Satellite pages here on the site for the latest in that regard.

All right, that's enough from me. Time to elevate the leg some more. I believe Robert Elvington is putting together a post for you that I will post for you sometime soon....


Anonymous 7:50 AM  

Ice, Ice Baby!!!!!!

Anonymous 2:51 PM  

We all understand that you are trying to recover, so no need to hurry on this. However, Jeff at News14 and some other meteorologists have been mentioning of a possible winter hit around March 17 or 18... do you see anything like that for that timeframe?


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