Very cold this weekend....

>> Friday, January 08, 2010

Above is today's edition of the video.

Out storm system, as expected, pressed through the region with very limited moisture last night. Some folks saw some flakes, while some warmer air mixed in and gave other spots a little rain. Either way, the precipitation was not the really significant part of this forecast. The cold air is....

Temps this afternoon will struggle to make it back up to the lower 30s, and then look for teens for lows through the weekend. Highs tomorrow and Saturday will be in the mid 30s at best.

We will see highs warm to the upper 40s to lower 50s by Wednesday and Thursday, and then a major system will roll through next weekend. See the video for some graphics on that system. I would lean toward this being an all-rain system for the Carolinas, but don't hold me to that just yet.


Anonymous 8:03 AM  

Hey Matthew,

Always enjoy reading the blog, and your posts on the eastern message board. I have a question about the split flow pattern. How long do you anticipate we remain in this pattern once it re-establishes itself here?


jtomlinwx 3:52 PM  

When is or next mentionable chance of wintry precip?

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