Frigid air remains....snow chance out there....

>> Sunday, January 03, 2010

Still out of town, but I was able to cut a quick video for you today talking about the cold air as well as the potential for some Deep South and Southeast snow later this week. Give it a look.

I will be back in the office Tuesday morning with a full update and video......


DoubleJ 12:33 PM  

Thanks Matthew for that update, this at least looks promising, hope it plays out. Look forward to your video on Tuesday.

Anonymous 6:34 PM  

What are your thoughts on accumulations...just a wild guess please! :)

DoubleJ 12:02 AM  

Anon-Accuweather has 1.3 inches. Take that for what its worth though, its an automated guess.

Michael 9:24 AM  

I am not Matt but think the majority of the area will get a 1-3" accumulation with a few spots getting up to 6-7". As Matt said, the EXACT track will be critical to amounts and probably won't become clear until Wednesday

Anonymous 9:30 AM  

Ok, everyone, let's hope that this one will work... otherwise we will all be disappointed (again).

Anonymous 9:43 AM  

Well, this seems to be a clipper system and I'm not sure the gulf is going to get in play (with the models right now). Therefore I'm not "feeling the love" as Jeff would say for a winter storm. I do think it'll snow but I'm thinking it's going to be fairly light/flurries/dusting.

We need that shortwave out of Canada to dig deeper south to Texas spawning a LOW in the gulf of Mexico. Dig baby, dig!!! The models though aren't showing that right now; It's showing it going to the Ohio Valley I believe; too far north. Hopefully a trend will start today. South, south, south!!!!!


Anonymous 1:45 PM  

If today's (1/4) Euro is to be believed, you're going to be lucky to get a dusting...

Anonymous 3:08 PM  

I see that GSP is now calling for Rain and snow on Thursday and Snow on Thursday night in Charlotte .Here hoping for 10+ of snow in south Charlotte

Anonymous 4:02 PM  

sorry, but I honestly do not think this is going to be anything. Maybe a few flurriwes but NO acc. :( I LOVE snow and usually hype up every poss. snow event. I just don't think it's gonna be a big deal with the gulf not aiding in this system.

Anonymous 4:16 PM  

Yeah, EURO trended dry today. Gulf doesn't seem to be in play. Upper energy not DIGGING dag nab it. Excuse my french!!:)I think we're done here. Soooo....Matt, how's the 12th/13th looking?!?! We HAVE to get something with all this cold right? Maybe the NAM will give us some hope tomorrow for Thursday?


DoubleJ 5:30 PM  

Its always something, either too warm or no moisture. This time, moisture from the Gulf looks to be cut off as well as from the Atlantic. While flurries may occur, this thing can't be a big deal, just not feeling it.

Anonymous 5:54 PM  

Instead of you all telling us the weather, why don't you wait until the professional comes back? Yessh, we still have 3 days until the event even arrives.

Anonymous 5:56 PM  

i believe this will be a good event for coastal north carolina. That is where the best lift will be with potential cyclogenesis. I think the peidmont may get a dusting to an inch and areas east of i95 about 1-3 possibly 4 inches. What are your thoughts on accumulations matt?

Anonymous 5:57 PM  

Really? Last comment, please read the comment above you!!

Matthew East 7:29 PM  

Hey folks....thanks for checking in. I just got in the door from a trek across four states.

The trend in the modeling today has been a drier one and one that takes the clipper on a path that is not very favorable for accumulating snow in the Piedmont of NC. So, today's trends have not been our friends outside of the mountains in NC if you are looking for accumulating snow.

With that said, I have not had nearly the time I normally would have had to dig deeper into this thing, and the disturbance is just really getting settled into the North America obs network.

So, let me take a good look at things tonight and in the morning, and I will have a fresh video posted bright and early....

Anonymous 8:29 PM  

You da man Matt!


Anonymous 9:46 PM  

Saw on WCNC today 20% chance of "precip" Saturday????? just haven't seen that anywhere.

DoubleJ 11:01 PM  

Thanks Matt.

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