Next storm system....another arctic blast on the way....

>> Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Give today's video a watch....I take you through my thoughts on this next storm system, our next big blast of cold air, and where the pattern is headed deeper into January....

We will see a good bit of sunshine today, but it will again be cold with highs in the mid to upper 30s. Lows tonight will drop to around 20.

Our next system is moving our way, and snow is flying in the northern and central Plains. That system will dive southeastward and spread snow through the Tennessee Valley tonight into tomorrow morning. Accumulating snow still looks likely for places such as Tupelo, Memphis, Birmingham, and Chattanooga. As the system pulls in here, the mountains will wring out a lot of the moisture, but this system will pack enough of a punch that at least a few snow showers should traverse the Piedmont by tomorrow evening. A dusting of snow is possible in some spots, but that is about it with the limited amount of moisture available. So, the snow does not look like a big deal.

What will be a big deal is the renewed push of arctic air that will flow in here for Friday and the weekend. Highs will struggle to make it into the low to mid 30s with lows well down into the teens.

Temps will moderate a bit next week, but nothing really warm....just closer to average.


Anonymous 7:15 AM  

Oh well, good bye cold, hello rain! Welcome spring I reckon. I hate nc winters, with out a doubt we almost always get disappointed.

Matthew East 8:42 AM  

Wow, by no means do I think Spring is here. In fact, I think we have a ton of cold air left to go through this Winter....I just stated that a relaxation of this extreme cold pattern was coming next week. Where did you get that I said Spring was here?

Anonymous 9:08 AM  

Hey Matthew,

I always enjoy reading your comments and watching your videos. However, they have blocked Youtube here at work, and I am not very excited about that! Anyway, looking at some of the longer range data, it seems that any warm up to around normal will be short-lived. Do you concur with that? Also, do you see a point in this winter that we might get an active STJ in conjunction with the cold air as opposed to having one or the other? I was optimistic that we'd have a chance to have a snowier than normal winter, but even with all of this cold, things seem to be playing out how they typically do: cold and dry -- warm and wet. Anyway, I just wanted to ask your thoughts. I'm in Raleigh, by the way. God bless.

Anonymous 1:11 PM  

We still have a long ways to go with this cold winter... today is only Jan. 6. Spring will probably not get here until at least April or May and that's when we might see 50s or 60s for the daytime high temp. Hopefully one of these weeks we will get snow.

Anonymous 1:25 PM  

Matt Cold weather in the winter and no Snow make you much more mad .Then heaving warmer weather and Rain.So far this Winter has been very disappointing

Anonymous 3:58 PM  

Oh, no, Matthew I wasn't saying you did. You do the best job out of any meteorologist I know and am pleased with your accurate(not hyped up) forecast. I just get discouraged about these things. I know we have like 80 days left of Winter, but like i said I get discouraged.
-1st anon

jtomlinwx 4:06 PM  

I see on weather channel snow next thurs and fri??? Do you notice anything indicating this?

Anonymous 4:09 PM  

do you think any schools will be delayed or cancelled, considering anything that falls will stay b/c 32 as a high on Friday. Early release Thurs? Just wondrin.

Anonymous 4:11 PM  

Wcnc keeps mentioning.."not much acc. unless this thing slows down and picks up more moisture" Do you see any chance of this happening?

Jeremy 4:52 PM  

I love snow and I live in Rockingham County, NC (north central NC). We got 7-8" during the Dec snowstorm. It was awesome and we still have snow in the shade, and not from where the snowplows piled it up either. But, I got so sick of no snow last year, or some meteorologists hyping it up for ratings (not you Matthew) and then not delivering, so I bought a snowmaker. I just make my own now. I made 8.5" in just under 2 hours Monday night. You gotta have an air compressor and a pressure washer to do it though. But if you like snow, it's awesome. Usually cranks out 3-5" an hour, closer to 5" the colder it gets, like 20 or less. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!!!

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