Brrr.....and some Southeast snow too.....

>> Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Frigid air remains in place right through the weekend with 30s for highs and lots of teens for lows.

Accumulating snow is up in the mountains today, and a few flurries might scoot through the Piedmont. But cold is the main story again today.

Our next system cause snow to break out snow in Arkansas and Missouri late Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and this will being snow to north and central Mississippi and Alabama and points north Thursday. This could be a 1-3" (and isolated 4" totals) snow event for places like Jackson, MS and Memphis over through Birmingham, Huntsville, and Nashville.

For northeast Georgia up through the Carolinas, downsloping is the enemy of snow fans. It looks like this system will take a trajectory that is very difficult to get significant accumulating snow for the I-85 corridor. So, it looks like clouds and maybe some light snow for GSP, Charlotte, and the Triad later Thursday, but any snow accumulation looks very light.

Another big push of cold air rolls in here for Friday and the weekend, and it could even be a little colder than the current arctic blast.

A little moderation takes place early next week, and another potential system rolls our way around Wednesday.


Anonymous 6:41 AM  

I HATE being pessimistic, but I mean how many days of cold air are we gonna have with no precip!?!? and then right when precip does move in(next Wed.) it warms up just enough to be rain. I hope we get something, but if the same trend as dec. had continues through jan., then we'll always be right on that line of snow/rain.

Anonymous 9:28 AM  

Doesn't it seem like the GFS was created by some guy....who used to live in Charlotte and really hated snow? So for revenge in having to deal with all the snow in the 80s and 90s he devised this model that made it look like Charlotte would always get snow in 7+ day range and then take it way in the 3 day range. That man gets his demented pleasure at laughing at us every winter now. We need to find that man. Find him and make him fix the GFS. That's your mission Matt!:)Heh.

Let's use the EURO more. The only problem is it's harder to read to me. Is there a site where the EURO is readable Matt? Thanks.


Anonymous 10:22 AM  

Saw your RPM tweet pic. Also, 12Z NAM had some interesting changes. SW digs further into KY/TN and turns our winds Southwest; less drying more moisture/snow correct? Guess we'll see what the other models do.


Gastonwxman 12:27 PM  

Just took a look at the NAM on the 00, 12, and 18 runs from the NCEP website on the 4 panel view (06 isn't working for some reason). Looking very interesting for us. :)

Anonymous 2:19 PM  

Some of the modeling is beginning to look very interesting for the Metro now!! Do you see this?

Anonymous 3:57 PM  

I have a good feeling that we are going to be in for a nice snowy surprise!! I am beginning to think we could see more moisture to work with.

Anonymous 5:16 PM  

I have a great idea. This time around I am not going with any of the models. Because every time I do, we end up with nothing, its those times when the models don't pick something up that we end up happy. So I am keeping hope alive, and just waiting until tomorrow. =]

Anonymous 5:37 PM  

Only time can tell... also we humans only can see so much and so far, but God sees everything. Who knows, all the meteorologists here in Charlotte may get surprised Friday morning as to how much snow we may get then... the best thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed and pray.

Anonymous 7:16 PM  

hey matt uh the models are not good now their pushing into a more drier scenario. what do we do now???lol

DoubleJ 7:41 PM  

Anon-My advice, move to the mountains. They get snow everyday, 24/7 it seems.

Anonymous 7:49 PM  

double j i am planning on moving up there in a couple of years so whoo!!!

DoubleJ 8:13 PM  

Anon-Wow, I was joking when I said that, but cool, you'll see plenty of snow then, probably more than you want, lol.

Gastonwxman 11:26 PM  

0z GFS trending back to more moisture for the SE. Hopefully this and other models will follow.

Matthew East 5:56 AM  

Brad.....funny stuff.

Models flipping and flopping a bit with the moisture be expected when we are only talking about 0.01" to 0.1" of qpf.

Give the new video a watch....looks like some snow showers for some that may whiten the ground, but not a whole lot more.

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