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Kevin Smith is a recent meteorology graduate of the UNC-Charlotte meteorology program. He is interning with me, and I will be posting some of his discussions here on the blog from time to time. This is a good chance for him to get his feet wet doing some public forecasts. So, below is his discussion from today.....

Today looks like a beautiful day with some high level clouds early turning mostly sunny by the afternoon with highs in the lower to mid 60's. Tomorrow will bring building clouds out ahead of a backdoor cold front with mild temperatures with highs in the upper 50's. Thursday will bring wet and chilly conditions with highs struggling to get out of the 30's, rainfall will begin late morning and last throughout the day with some locations seeing 1.5" of rainfall. We will dry things out Friday and Saturday with highs around 50 and lows in the lower 30's. Our next big system will roll through Sunday afternoon and will last through the morning commute on Monday with many locations receiving 2" of rainfall before all is said and done. There will be relatively mild conditions associated with this system with highs around 50 for Sunday and Monday.

Kevin Smith


Anonymous 11:00 AM  

Thanks Matthew for helping out young meteorologists. Kevin sounds very knowledgeable and I look forward to reading more of his work.

Shannon 1:48 PM  

Great job Kevin, I envy you. I always wanted to pursue a field in meteorology, but never did. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous 3:19 PM  

Good to see you Kevin. Maybe if things works out you could be joining the team of meteorologists there at News 14.

Anonymous 3:41 PM  

Good job Kevin, congrats on your internship! I graduated from UNC Charlotte's Geography/Earth Science program back in the late 90s. They still have the program housed in McEniry?

Welcome to the blog...now we have another MET to holler at during winter weather threats when Matt's away!!!:) Your email will come in handy! LOL.


Anonymous 3:51 PM  


They still do have the Geography program but now they also have a full meteorology program which started about 7 years ago.

Anonymous 8:38 AM  

Thanks for all the comments hope to post more in the future!!

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