Couple of storm systems on the way...

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take a look at today's video....lots of stuff about our upcoming systems.

We will squeeze in one more mild day today with highs around 60. However, clouds will continue to thicken, and some light rain is possible at times this afternoon and tonight.

The core of the next system will roll through tomorrow. At this point, I expect the heaviest rain to be tomorrow afternoon into early evening around the Piedmont. Temperatures will fall tonight and likely continue to fall through much of the day tomorrow. This looks like a chilly, soaking rain event with temps in the 30s while much of the rain occurs.

I am concerned about icing up in the mountains and possible northern foothills with this, but the Piedmont should stay above freezing. Total rain amounts could exceed an inch in many spots.

Friday looks cloudy and cool with come lingering light rain, especially during the morning.

Our next big system swings through later Sunday and Sunday night, and that one could produce some heavy rainfall.


Anonymous 2:39 AM  


Is there any way I can speak with kevin via phone or email? I saw he is a recent UNCC graduate for meterology and I was wanting to ask someone from there about that program.

Matthew East 2:59 AM  

Sure, just email him at the address listed at the bottom of his post.

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