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>> Thursday, December 03, 2009

All eyes are on our storm system for Saturday, which has the potential to produce some snow across the western Carolinas.


Anonymous 6:09 AM  

Accuweather has 2.3 inches for Statesville, NC....What is your opinion on that?

Matthew East 6:16 AM  

I don't like to comment on other peoples forecasts. However, something like that can't be ruled out if the 0z runs are correct....

Anonymous 8:09 AM  

Jeff said last night on News 14 that this is not going to be a big snow event in Charlotte. Are you leaning towards that forecast as well?


Matthew East 8:19 AM  


I doubt for Charlotte itself this is a big snow event. However, some accumulations are certainly possible from shelby to hickory, and even some minor accumulation for Charlotte itself is possible.

However, I am not ready to commit one way or the other on any accumulation potential yet....

Anonymous 8:25 AM  

Thank you for taking the time to do these videos. Its very interesting to see how some of the decision making is made behind the scenes. Please keep it up!

Matthew East 8:27 AM  

No problem. Thanks for watching!

Anonymous 8:33 AM  

We live in the Winston-Salem area, what are your thoughts on what can be expected around here for Saturday?

Anonymous 8:33 AM  

These videos are great! I agree I enjoy the analysis that you put forth that explains why the forecasts is how it is. The A v/s B scenarios, etc. Very interesting. Especially for us snow geese.

Please keep up the "atmospheric techno babble", it keeps us going in the winter time!


Matthew East 8:42 AM  

I think that area has a good shot of seeing something Saturday, but I am not ready to commit to anything yet.

Brad....I appreciate it! Glad you enjoy it...I enjoy doing them!

Gerald 9:34 AM  


Good job on the videos and from looking at the different models this is enough to drive someone I live in mt airy and when it comes to snow up here it seems we either get left out or get a good one. I just hope this winter we get some good snows this winter and a good 2 or 3 inch snow would be good saturday...

once again thanks for all you do.

DoubleJ 10:11 AM  

Matthew, do you think you will have a handle on what this thing will do tomorrow?

Gastonwxman 11:22 AM  

Should 0z be correct about the setup, would Gastonia be in good standing with accumulation of any sort? I live on the western side of the city.

Anonymous 12:32 PM  


i am still concerned that the models arent handling the cold air very well. i think it is too slow. do you have any opinion on this?

Anonymous 3:24 PM  

Well Matt, this one is looking dead in the water for Saturday for Charlotte metro. Just not cold enough. Keep us posted on future possibilities! Thanks.


Anonymous 4:14 PM  

Hi Matthew, thanks for posting the videos. They are helpful. what do you think about Greenville, SC area? do you think we will see any accumulation? Thanks for all you do. God Bless Brother.

Matthew East 5:59 AM  

Thanks for all of your kind words....I really appreciate it!

I kind of laid my ideas out there in today's video, which is now in the post for today (Friday). Give it a look....

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