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>> Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The weather is quiet today, but that won't last long. A big-time storm system will roll through the eastern US tomorrow and tomorrow night and bring the Carolinas heavy rain and some severe weather potential.

Then we turn our eyes to Saturday. Most modeling has latched onto a Saturday storm system. Snow chances somewhere around the region? Full discussion in the video....


Anonymous 6:03 AM  

I am sooo happy!!! I hope that this snow will play out....come on weather man do your magic :)

Anonymous 10:55 AM  

IF it does snow as the weatherman is predicting... I wonder if this is going to be a preview of what we can expect for the rest of the winter?


DoubleJ 12:46 PM  

Matthew, I guess Saturday won't be dry now, so is the modeling as of right now showing a cold rain? I wonder if the models will kind of flip and flop the next couple of days, anyway, thanks.

Anonymous 1:52 PM  


it looks as though the models are starting to trend back towards the colder scenario. i could be wrong, but i noticed the gfs seems to hold the cold air back a bit. isnt this a common mistake by the gfs model, before changing its mind closer to the event?

Matthew East 5:58 AM  

For Saturday, we are dealing with a small piece of upper level energy, and it is something the models won't lock on to for another day or two. So I expect them to continue to struggle until that upper level disturbance makes it into the NA observation grid.

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