Active week ahead....

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots happening this week...some rain today. Then we see a powerhouse storm system roll through Wednesday and Wednesday night. Heavy rain and severe weather are concerns with that one. Then, it turns sharply colder to end the week.

I also look at the overall December pattern in today's video....


Anonymous 6:35 AM  

do u see any snow poss. yet??

Anonymous 10:15 AM  

Well, looks like our December will be pretty much normal; cool then mild, cool then mild(ish). Another month of golf! Maybe the LAST part of December will be more interesting. Keep positive. Seems like the cold and the wet just won't meet up.

Keep on the trail Matt! Thanks!


Matthew East 10:22 AM  

Not yet.

Brad, I wouldn't write off December before it even starts....who knows how it will play out.

Anonymous 2:35 PM  

12z Euro would imply some dangerous cold somewhere in the lower 48 by december 12th-13th.

Anonymous 3:01 PM  

Oops! You're right Jeff, GFS sniffing some activity on Saturday I guess Just enough to get me going again. Let the games begin. See what you can do for us!! Darn it I'm so gullible!


Anonymous 3:56 PM  

Weather channel has snow next Tuesday night!! What do you think??
Thanks!!! By the way I love waking up to see your blog!! You give so much in depth look and I really appreciate it!

Anonymous 4:03 PM  

I just looked at the 12Z GFS and This Saturday it showed snow!!! What do you think? Possible??

Ben 4:33 PM  

Speaking of snow chances....

Dec.5th, maybe? I've heard a little talk about it, looks like nothing major but still, could be fun!

Matthew East 5:47 AM  

I wouldn't' put much stock into the extended range products from the weather channel...that is all model-derived.

Fun and challenging forecast times ahead. Just posted today's video.

Matthew East 2:09 PM  

By the way, thanks so much for watching and reading!

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