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>> Monday, February 10, 2014

I am out of the weather office today, so no normal video. But I wanted to take a moment and discuss the upcoming winter storm.

As always, the devil is in the details, and some of those details still need to be worked out. But the over-arching theme is that a major winter storm appears on the way for many locations in the Southeast.

Some areas will see all snow, some will see snow then sleet then back to snow. Some will see mainly sleet. Some will have big freezing rain problems.

Those exact lines will be the toughest thing to hone in on, and it will greatly impact accumulations.

The liquid to snow ratio is normally about 10:1, whereas the liquid to sleet ratio is about 3:1. So areas that have sleet will see significant less total accumulation on the ground that areas that remain all snow.

As this point, I would lean toward areas north and west of I-85 in NC and SC seeing mainly or at least a lot of snow. As you get around I-85 and points a little south and east, that is where the chances for sleet involvement increase.

Distinguishing between the areas that see sleet or freezing rain is even tougher, but some folks in Georgia and South Carolinas will likely have big problems with ice accumulation.

An initial wave of precip will move through southern-most NC and SC Tuesday, but then the period of really heavy wintry precip will likely be Wednesday into Wednesday night.

So that's the deal as of now. Things can always change, but it appears a disruptive winter storm will impact much of north Georgia and at least the western halves of the Carolinas, especially by Wednesday and Wednesday night. Plan ahead.


Anonymous 2:15 PM  

Thanks Matt, for your quick thoughts. You've done a great job on the last storm we had, which you forecasted Charlotte to get an inch and that's what happened. So this time, from what you are saying, portions of CLT metro north and west of I 85 probably ends up w/ more snow and portions of metro south and east will get less due to mixing with sleet and ice, correct?

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