Major winter storm underway...

>> Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here is this morning's video with all of the information for our winter storm.

This is a major, disruptive storm system. Be prepared for travel to become difficult if not impossible by later today and this evening, and the potential for power outages will be there in NC as well, especially as winds kick up this evening and tonight.

A devastating ice storm is also underway this morning in Georgia and South Carolina.

The accumulation forecast is extremely tricky near the I-85 corridor. The question revolves around a layer of warmer air aloft (a couple of degrees above freezing), about 4000-6000 feet over our heads. This layer will kick many areas over to a period of sleet and even freezing rain and will reduce the amount of ground snow accumulation. Areas that stay all snow in the western Carolinas could make a run up to around a foot of snow.

Here's the video:


Anonymous 1:14 PM  

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the video and all your time and effort. How do you feel the storm is performing? Do you think the charlotte/gastonia area will reach the 10" mark or will there be too much mixing later?

Matthew East 5:54 AM  

Sure thing! And thanks for watching! Just saw this.... yeah, sleet really cut into the totals... but still some areas of snow to pivot through today.

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