Chilly March weekend.... watching next week...

>> Friday, March 01, 2013

Here's today's video:

We are set up for some chilly conditions as this first weekend of March unfolds. Look for highs to be well below averages for this time of year.

Snow will continue at times in the mountains, and a few rain drops or snow flakes could make it into the piedmont at times through Saturday. However, I just don't see any precip of significance.

Next week...

The day runs of the modeling yesterday were fun for a lot of snow fans in the region. However, the overnight modeling was unkind to most Carolina snow fans.

I delve into a lot of specifics in today's video.

Bottom line is this.... there will be a system Tuesday-Wednesday next week. The types and amounts of precipitation will depend on the timing, track, and intensity of the system.

Somebody should get some good snows out of this....but it might be the mid-Atlantic and Northeast as opposed to the Carolinas. It's just too soon to know.


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