Big system moving in...

>> Monday, February 25, 2013

We will be quiet today, but most spots will be a good bit cooler than the fabulous weather we had for our Sunday.

A big-time storm system is continuing to crank in the Plains states. This will provide blizzard conditions to some locations in the Plains as well as a severe weather threat today along the Gulf coast.

For the Carolinas, precip will arrive tonight. In the Piedmont of NC, initially there could be a few sleet pellets mixed with the rain as evaporation takes place, but overall, this will be a soaking rain event. I think many spots could top 1" of rain.

The severe weather potential will have to be watched in the eastern Carolinas as well.

A pronounced cold air damming setup will await this system. I am concerned about the potential for significant freezing rain accumulations in some mountains areas late tonight into tomorrow morning.

Some modeling is more aggressive with the CAD and ice potential than others.... i.e. the Canadian, NAM, and RPM. If those models are correct, this is a big mountain ice storm.

I also think we need to very closely watch temps in the northern foothills tomorrow morning as well.

Please see the video for much more on this as well as the incoming cold pattern, which might produce a system or two.


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