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>> Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I will be back on the regular video production schedule tomorrow morning.... but wanted to put up a real quick discussion this morning.

Lots of cold air this you are be keenly aware if you step outside at any point. Tonight will probably be the coldest night with the colder spots in the teens. Of course, the mountains will be even colder.

Our next storm system will move through between Thursday night and Friday night. When you first glance at the charts, you are fairly unimpressed with what you see, in terms of wintry weather chances.

However, as you dig deeper, you see that the depth of the cold air in place prior to the system could be enough to cause some wintry weather.

The overall precip amounts look pretty light, so this does not look like a huge event. However, if the precip falls in the form of freezing rain, it doesn't take much to cause some problems for travel.

At face value (prior to the 12z guidance), it looks like a quick hit of snow to maybe freezing rain or rain, depending on surface temps, for portions of especially North Carolina.

We will see how this trends we we move forward.


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