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>> Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not a lot of change here. Just finished up the conference call with the Raleigh NWS, and their overall ideas are similar to mine. They will issue a Winter Weather Advisory for most of their counties, valid tomorrow afternoon and evening, with their afternoon forecast package.

Specifically for the Triad, they are calling for a brief period of snow, then a change to sleet and freezing rain.

Some of my thoughts...

The modeling continues to be fairly underwhelming with precip amounts. However, the higher-resolution models are printing out generally 0.1" to 0.2" of precip, which if that's correct, would be enough to cause some travel issues due to cold ground conditions and sub-freezing air temps for many.

So, no real changes from me. This is not a huge, crippling winter storm. However, enough wintry precip could fall to cause some travel issues in some areas by later tomorrow.

The degree to which any travel problems develop will depends on the exact type and mixture of precip types. In spots that wind up with a sleet and freezing rain mix, that is where conditions will be the worst.


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