Hotter with fewer overall storms...

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

Highs should return to the 90s across the entire region the next few days as the overall coverage of storms will be less than what we had over the weekend. That's not to say the entire region will be dry....I am just not anticipating as many storms as what lit up the radar screen over the weekend.

Later this week another front will slowly approach the region, and at that point, the daily coverage of storms will likely increase again.

Severe weather will likely be a big problem in parts of the Plains states the next couple of days as a potent upper level system interacts with hot and unstable air.

Next week, as we end June and head into July, it looks like the core of the heat in the US will shift to the western part of the country for a while.

See the video for lots more on all of this...


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