Summer arrives today...

>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check out this AP photo (Dan Weaver) of the shelf cloud that rolled into Omaha, delaying the Florida/ Vandy game at the College World Series last night.

Summer officially arrives at 1:16pm EDT today, but in terms of the weather, it has been Summer for a while.

Yesterday featured some stifling heat in parts of the region. Check out some of the highs....

Wilmington: 101
Charleston: 102
Columbia: 101
Myrtle Beach: 97

Many locations in the Piedmont will be a little hotter today than yesterday with lots of mid 90s on the board this afternoon. Tomorrow's highs will be much the same.

While I expect a few afternoon storms to fire today and tomorrow, the chance of rain in any one locations is pretty small.

Later this week, a weak cold front will approach from the west, and that will subtly increase the daily storm chances. The heat will also back down a bit for the weekend with some upper 80s returning for highs.


Anonymous 10:11 AM  

Wow, pretty interesting shot of the clouds over the stadium... That eerie scene reminds me of the movie "The War of the Worlds" (I think that was what the movie was called?")

Matthew East 11:22 AM  

Yes it does. Looks like a mothership!

DoubleJ 3:28 PM  

I think its funny how temperatures are recorded. I entered 28213 which I believe is Center city Charlotte, and it came up with 95 degrees. I then entered 28269, which is my zipcode, (Northeast Charlotte), and it comes up at 99 on Weird, but regardless, its hot either way.

Matthew East 6:06 PM  

I wonder if that NE CLT ob is coming from Concord. That sensor always reads hot.

DoubleJ 11:02 PM  

You know, could be. I think Jeff said one time that the Concord temps always seemed to run warm. I bet it is Matthew.

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