Here comes the heat...

>> Friday, June 17, 2011

Heat and humidity will continue to build through the weekend with highs surging well into 90s as the weekend unfolds. In fact, today, many spots will see lower 90s with mid 90s common in many places by Sunday.

The heat will peak the first few days of next work week with some mid to maybe even upper 90s.

Regarding storms, a few isolated storms are possible this afternoon and evening, then a little better chance of storms will be with us late Saturday and Sunday. In fact, some modeling is indicating a good chance of storms Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

A significant trough will move into the northern and central Plains next week.....that looks like a big-time severe weather producer in that part of the country. It appears as if the trough will try to make it into the eastern US by the end of the week, which, if that occurs, would bring a little heat relief to our region by that time.


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