Terrific Tuesday weather......but changes coming...

>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Absolutely wonderful weather across the North Carolina piedmont today with highs in the 80s and very low levels of humidity. In fact, I think many spots will see dewpoints mix out into the 40s this afternoon.

Lows tonight will dip into the upper 50s in many spots....comfortable stuff. Highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 80s....some storms are likely in the mountains by later in the afternoon, but the piedmont should stay dry through the day.

Enjoy the break from the storms, heat, and humidity.....all are set to return as the forecast period unfolds. The storms return as soon as Wednesday night into Thursday as a front lifts back into the region from the south.

Highs will return to the low 90s by the weekend....and it is looking quite hot next week with a big ridge beginning to crank overhead.

See the video for details....


Anonymous 12:15 AM  

You said in your forecast yesterday that the ridge will return for next week and give us that miserable heat and humidity again. Once this heat and humidity returns, is this going to be a prolonged heat? Can you somehow see our next break from this upcoming heat wave coming up?

Matthew East 5:19 AM  

September :-) No, just kidding. This morning, I have trimmed down the heat just a bit....maybe low to mid 90s as opposed to mid to upper 90s....as it looks like the center of the ridge, at least early in the week, might try to stay just to our west. Haven't keyed in on any cooler snaps just yet.

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