>> Saturday, April 16, 2011

My heart is aching for all of the folks in central and eastern NC. This is a tornado outbreak like this region has not seen in a long, long time. Prayers are with everyone impacted by this storm system. April 16 will go down as a red-letter say in North Carolina weather history.


Anonymous 9:26 PM  

Yes, an unfortunate situation for the folks that were affected. By the way, would you say that this may be a preview of what to expect for the rest of spring here in NC? Also, don't know about you, but so far this spring seems a bit cooler than norm? I wonder if so are we going to have cooler than normal summer coming up?

God bless,

Unknown 1:48 PM  

wow, much worse that I could have imagined for NC.

Matthew East 3:54 PM  

TY.....I definitely think a cooler summer than last, but that's not saying much! I doubt we will see another event of this magnitude, but we are not finished with severe weather.

Kurt...hard to imagine for sure.

Anonymous 8:54 PM  

Hopefully the upcoming summer will be cooler than norm... that would be good news for us not having to use so much A/C, thus helping in saving $$ on our electric bill.


DoubleJ 9:50 PM  

Matthew, I wanted to tell you that after looking at several different possible career choices once I get done with my Curriculum, I'm actually thinking I'd like to go more towards the National Weather Service route, though, I'm sure days like yesterday was extremely stressful for them. Looking forward to school starting in May, and if all goes well, could be done within a year and a half.

Anonymous 2:20 AM  

All these horrific tornadoes show us that NC is in no way protected from Tornadoes, a common myth here. Sure the mountains can shield us from some severe weather events. And we don't get the giant EF5's that the midwest sees. But we have had our share of tornadoes. Back in 1989 it was the Charlotte and Triad that got pounded. Makes me wonder back in the 80's there seemed to be a lot more tornado events in the state. 1984,1988, and the 1989 outbreaks. I wonder if we are heading into a pattern like that here. We have had a lot more severe weather here this spring, then I remember in a long time. And May is normally are prime tornado month here. All I know is if a 1989 style outbreak stuck here again it would be a lot more devastating. I know that you didn't live here then, but do you have any kind of records from what the setup was that day?

Thanks for all you do!

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