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>> Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our broken line of storms stretches at 10:40 from near Spartanburg to Lenoir to Sparta. All indications are that this will congeal into an intense line of storms by the time it reaches roughly I-77.

Wind damage will be an obvious concern with this line, but there is tons of shear and helicity in place. So this will likely be one of those deals where there will be a few tornadoes embedded within the overall line of storms. And of course, any of the storms that can maintain themselves out ahead of the main line will pose a tornado threat.

We are fully staffed at News 14 Carolina to keep you completely up to date. You need to have a reliable way of hearing watches and warnings through the day.

The biggest problems will likely be for the areas a little east of I-77 on eastward.


DoubleJ 4:57 PM  

I live in Charlotte, so obviously no problem here, but my sister lives in Raleigh, and apparantly they had a big time tornado hit downtown. Her power was out, but she said there was no other damage where she was. Major damage to a Lowe's Store down that way though.

Matthew East 7:40 PM  

This is going to be one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in NC history I am afraid. Glad your sister is OK.

DoubleJ 9:42 AM  

Thanks Matthew, I think unbelievable is a good way to put it when thinking about how much damage was done yesterday in Central and Eastern NC.

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