Tornado Watch

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

Here is the complete watch information.

A large tornado watch is out for much of AL, north GA, eastern TN, parts of the Upstate of SC and western NC. The watch includes the western portions of the Charlotte viewing area and western and northern parts of the Triad viewing area. The watch is out until 8pm.

Showers and storms in parts of Tennessee and Alabama will continue to strengthen and develop eastward through the afternoon and into this evening. Tornadoes will be possible with any storm for the next several hours. In time, this should evolve into a big line of storms, and damaging winds will become the primary threat as this shift into the Carolinas later on. However, a few tornadoes will still be possible within the line of storms.

Have a reliable way of hearing watches and warnings this afternoon and evening. And of course, we will have you completely up to date on News 14 Carolina.


Anonymous 2:04 PM  

Whattya bet those storms fall apart as soon as they hit the mountains Matt? Maybe some showers tonight but I'd be surprised if we got severe weather in the Charlotte area. I hope we do though, we need the rain.


Matthew East 2:45 PM  

Brad..tough to tell, but most modeling has been on to the scenario of a strengthening line of storms once east of the mountains. Less cellular, more linear.

Matthew East 2:49 PM  

There is always the chance the mountains take their toll, but radar appearances in the mountains can be quite deceiving....just like the cell in Surry county now.

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