Sunday afternoon...

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

An 'open windows warning' is in effect this afternoon. Most temps well up into the 70s....even a few lower 80s this afternoon in the Piedmont. Enjoy!

The new Day 2 convective outlook has out, and the SPC has beefed up the severe probabilities. Accordingly, a 'moderate risk' is out for a big chunk of the Southeast.

Again, review those severe weather safety plans. I will have the full slate of info on my products here and on News 14 Carolina in the morning.


Anonymous 2:34 PM  


I live just north of Atlanta, and follow your blog a lot. What are you thinking in terms of Severe Weather for us?

Matthew East 3:18 PM  

Yeah, you are definitely fair game for severe. To what extent, I don't know yet. I will take a long look at that in the morning....

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