Warm afternoon temps today...

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The region will enjoy lots of sunshine today, and highs will respond accordingly, warming into the lower 80s in many Piedmont locations. Places near the highway 74 corridor really saw temperatures held down a good bit yesterday due to fairly thick high clouds, but today will be warmer.

Clouds will roll right back in tonight as a cold front approaches. That front will bring a limited shower chance, mainly tomorrow morning. The best chance of seeing a shower will be roughly along and north of I-40, and even there, any showers will be brief and relatively light.

Behind the front, a cool, dry airmass will settle in Thursday through the weekend with some 70s for highs and 40s for lows and lots of sun....altogether, nice Autumn weather.

There are some indications that the storm track will become more active next week. Next week looks relatively mild overall, but a big plunge of cold air will invade the US by the end of the week....the big question is where??


There is still a disturbance in the western Caribbean Sea, but it remains fairly disorganized.


Anonymous 9:03 PM  

Winter Outlook???

Matthew East 5:11 AM  

On the way....probably will cut the video by the middle of next week....

Anonymous 7:44 AM  

Can't Wait!!!! Thanks

Anonymous 8:26 AM  

Well I've heard bad things so I'm not quite so excited (warm, dry). Take your time Matt! Trips to the mountains it looks like this year!


Tyler Legg 6:56 PM  

Brad- Drier and warmer doesn't always pave the way for a snowless winter. I've seen so many outlooks that I don't know what to believe. Some say below average temps/above average snow, some say, like you mentioned, a dry and warm winter. From what I've seen, the main storm track will likely stay just to our south, but of course tracks deviate. Time will tell...

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