Breezy Thursday...

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

After starting the day with fog in some Piedmont locations, our Thursday will overall be a sunny and breezy day. Highs will be in the mid to upper 70s, and winds will gust out of the west over 25 or even 30mph at times. Up in the mountains, winds could gust over 50mph at times.

A dry cold front will clear through late today, and behind that front, we will cool down a bit more. I anticipate low to mid 40s tonight for lows and highs tomorrow shy of 70 in many Piedmont locations.

Great weekend...

We will continue our October trend of terrific weekend weather this weekend. Look for lots of sunshine and highs well up into the 70s.

Unsettled next week...

The weather pattern will change for next week. The week overall looks pretty mild, and there will be at least two storm systems impact the region. The first system comes Monday into Tuesday. The second, and likely stronger, system will roll through late in the work week. Each system has the potential to bring some showers and even some thunderstorms.

Behind the late-week system, some colder air will try to invade for Halloween weekend.


TD 19 formed last night in the Caribbean Sea. This system stands a good chance of becoming Tropical Storm Richard relatively soon.

Overall, an eventual track off to the west or northwest is likely, and the system will likely head toward Central America and/or the southern Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned on this one...

Lots of info can be found on the Tropical Weather Page of the site...


Anonymous 6:07 AM  

Matthew how are ya, Ive been looking at some forecast skew-t's and even though its still way too far out in time to even look for severe weather parameters Ive been getting an idea for out area (Triad) and some from the 00z GFS are showing some signs of severe weather but lots of time still to iron things out.
Thank you for your Carolina weather video also look forward to them,

Matthew East 6:29 AM  

Nic....yeah, can't rule that out at some point next week, but like you mentioned, it is far too early to really diagnose that potential. I appreciate you watching!

Anonymous 8:45 AM  

I don't know about Skew T's but alot of people like to wear Hanes Crew Ts. Especially the tagless ones. Those are awesome. Heh!


Anonymous 11:35 AM  

Any thoughts yet on what kind of winter we may have this year? Accuweather says we're going to be warm and dry. :0(

Matthew East 2:22 PM  


Yeah, I started typing up my discussion this morning....will release it and the video to go along with it within the next week. Hang in there!

Anonymous 9:50 PM  

Hey Brad I know you prob did not know this but a Skew-T is a vertical sounding chart of the atmosphere.


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