Some AM showers...

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some showers are spreading through the region this morning, and they will exit fairly quickly. In fact, for most of us, the chance of showers will be over by lunch time. We will see a good deal of clouds today, although some sun will work in later this afternoon. Highs will be in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

A cooler night is on tap tonight with lows in the 40s under a clear sky. Tomorrow's weather looks nice, although it will be fairly breezy. We will see a sunny sky and highs in the 70s.

Friday will be a touch cooler with upper 60s to lower 70s again, but highs over the weekend will be well up into the 70s with lots of sun.

More active pattern next week...

As I mentioned yesterday, the overall weather pattern will become more active next week. The first storm system looks to move through later Monday into Tuesday. Mild and more humid air will get pulled northward ahead of that system, and showers looks possible, especially Monday night into Tuesday. At this point, some thunderstorms even look possible as well.

Later next week, another system will likely move into the eastern US...probably late in the work week. Behind that system, a significant push of chilly air could invade much of the eastern half of the country. Still some uncertainty there though....


The disturbance in the Caribbean is slowly organizing, and a recon plane is in the system this morning. It is quite possible that we could have a tropical depression or maybe even Tropical Storm Richard later today.


Anonymous 6:19 AM  

Matthew you said it the T word Im happy some thunder possible next week, I love a good thunderstorm not talking about a severe storm just a couple good flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder is good for me.

Anonymous 6:26 AM  

Forgot to ask but is that WSI ECMWF model you use, if so could someone like me subscribe to WSI for personal use or do they only do corporate.

Anonymous 9:56 AM  

Do you think Richard would impact the eastern U.S. should it become a storm?


Anonymous 3:29 PM  

Bring on the Cold and Snow this winter! I actually have forgotten what a cold Halloween feels like.

Gastonwxman 4:46 PM  

I recently watched a video of someone who showed a forecast that was out into the first few days of November, and the model showed a small but possible light snow event for most of NC around Nov. 3 or 4. Interesting stuff.

Matthew East 5:54 PM storms as well. Would be nice to hear some rumbling. Yes, it is WSI...I honestly have no clue if individuals can purchase a license or not.

Most likely scenario for possible Richard is Central America....but wouldn't rule anything out yet.

Agreed Brandon...

Killer...I don't see any immediate signs of snow, but the pattern does look to get far more active from next week into early November.

Anonymous 9:20 PM  

Killer- I also saw the GFS 18z put out a light snow event for all of North Carolina even the coast. But again, this is the GFS. Its famous for this stuff. Bring on Winter!

Anonymous 11:39 PM  

After all, the tropical weather for NC this year has been much like the winter hits last season - too many hits or misses!


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