Still dreary today....

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clouds and drizzle will be slow to clear out today. However, nice weather for us coming up tomorrow and Saturday before we see a cold, rainy Sunday.

I believe next week, the week of Thanksgiving, is our transition week from this relatively warm pattern we have seen for much of November to a colder and stormy pattern as we enter December. See the video for details....


Anonymous 1:56 AM  

hey matthew,

looking at the long range gfs, and it is still a ways out 10-12 days or so. the first few days of dec. look particularly interesting. i noticed this a couple days ago. not so much yesterday. and then again today it popped up. It is at the least a sign of a pattern change, as the gfs is having trouble deciding what is going to happen. but with the last run it appeared to me that a cold front was moving in and a high was settling over PA while at the same time a storm was moving up from the gulf. seemed like a perfect recipe for ice around here. just wondering if you think we are going to start seeing these icy setups as we head later into dec. thanks

Matthew East 5:23 AM  

It sure looks like the pattern wants to head into a split flow pattern as we head into December. If that does indeed develop, then ice is a concern. Stay tuned!

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