'Half and half' weekend ahead....

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

After morning fog, great Friday weather is unfolding. Saturday's weather will be dry with increasing clouds, but Sunday still looks chilly and rainy.

In today's video, I look at our weekend, plus I take a detailed look at the holiday week next week as well as some thoughts on December and winter overall.

We will enjoy a lot of sunshine today with highs in the mid 60s. However, we remain in an active storm track, and we have a 'half and half' weekend ahead.

Tomorrow will by far the the better of the two weekend days with highs in the lower 60s as clouds increase. Those clouds will be streaming out ahead of an area of low pressure in the northern Gulf of Mexico. I still expect to see rain move into the Carolinas by around daybreak Sunday, and the rain could be with us most of the day.

Not only will Sunday be rainy, but it will be chilly with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

Thanksgiving week and beyond....

The first part of the week looks docile with dry weather and mild temps Monday and Tuesday. It looks to turn colder right around Thanksgiving itself, and then it appears as if we will be heading into a much colder pattern overall as we enter December. It also appears the storm track will be active.


Anonymous 12:53 PM  

Quick question on the split flow situation. Isn't it harder to get colder air into our region with the split flow? It would seem the coldest air comes with a single deep trough digging deep while a split brings a more active storm track and less cold air. Or are these not really that mutually exclusive? It seems like you get more storms but less cold air with a split flow pattern. Thanks!


Anonymous 11:08 AM  

things sure are looking interesting around the 3rd through 7th of december. still a couple weeks away but fun to look at!

Justin 6:17 PM  

Very end (dec. 7-8) looks like some wintry weather possible on the 18z run of the GFS! PRAY!!!!!!!

Matthew East 5:20 AM  

Brad, generally that is correct. If you are looking for snow, more often than not, you would like a split flow pattern.

Definitely fun to gaze into the crystal ball!

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