Rain chances moving in....

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some rain chances with us later today into tomorrow....then another system for Sunday. Plus, I take a look a Thanksgiving week next week and how the pattern is shaping up for some colder air ahead....


Anonymous 12:08 PM  

hey matthew,

It seems to be a bout that time...correct me if i wrong. but it seems like each front coming in after this week will bring a colder push of air with it until we finally settle into a colder pattern. the high pressure seems to be setting up in the right places up north. and the storm track seems to bges becoming more active lately. i remember you mentioning this in your winter forecast. i think december will be a very interesting month to say the least. however my concern is if we do get the winter weather, which i think we will, whether it will be snow or ice. i am leaning more towards some ice events, given the wedges that keep setting up, and the storm track to our south. what is your opinion on this?


Matthew East 5:26 AM  

I am concerned about ice potential as December unfolds. Like you mentioned, highs have been readily getting into wedging position, and December looks to have cold air available and an active storm track. See today's (Thursday) video for details.

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