What went right, what went wrong?

>> Monday, January 09, 2017

A look back at my snowfall forecast and a look ahead as we try to crawl out of the grips of bitterly cold arctic air.

Today's video:


Mark Bryson 1:27 PM  

Thanks for the updates on the snowstorm. I know in this area, it is pretty hard to forecast. We were right on the transition line here in south eastern Cleveland County (Kings Mountain area). We ended up with about 4 inches. My dad, who lives just 5 miles away to the northwest (still in the same city) got almost 7 inches. So that snow/sleet/rain line was narrow and sharp.

Matthew East 5:31 AM  

Mark.... wow! Yeah the gradient with this system was especially sharp, largely because the freezing line aloft moved very little through most of the storm. I appreciate the report and your kind words!

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