Warmer weather returns....but not for long. Plus, more wintry precip ahead??

>> Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring officially arrives this afternoon at 12:57pm, and we have a much warmer setup ahead over the next few days. Look for lots of sun today and tomorrow with highs well into the 60s... even some low 70s in some spots tomorrow. Highs Saturday will likely exceed 70 in much of the region just ahead of an incoming cold front.

That incoming front will bring the chance of some rain showers as early as later Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be much chillier around the region, and we will likely have some rain showers, especially Sunday morning.

Then we will watch the development of our next storm system. Frankly, the computer models are in very good agreement with the overall scenario. An area of low pressure will develop over northern Florida by later Monday and lift off the Carolina coast Tuesday.

The result would be precip rolling into much of the region by Tuesday morning, and as it currently appears, some of the region would see that precip in the form of snow.

Lots can and likely will change over the next several days (the disturbance aloft that will trigger this system is yet to be sampled by the North America upper air network), but at the moment, model agreement is pretty good.

I cover all of this in much greater details in today's video:


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