Some icy areas on roads this morning... warmer later this week...

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yesterday was one of those weather days that the weather had some surprises up its sleeve. Precipitation rates ended up being a lot higher than expected from midday into the afternoon, and that caused a couple of things to happen.

First of all, for parts of NC, the heavier rates of precipitation brought down colder air from aloft and resulted in sleet and even some snow in addition to the freezing rain. Secondly, since the precip was heavier and more expansive than anticipated, temperatures did not budge. In fact, the Triad region hovered around 30 through the afternoon, then dropped into the upper 20s last night.

Roads are treacherous in some areas this morning, but temps will slowly climb, and all areas should be at least a little above freezing by this afternoon.

Much warmer weather will arrive for Thursday and Friday, but we are not finished with the cold weather. See the video for more on all of this...


Anonymous 3:43 PM  

Do you know the final rain total for Huntersville?

Anonymous 11:47 PM  

Hi Matt,
Is this pattern we are experiencing now similar to what we had last year? If you recall, we didn't warm up significantly until sometime after early April if my memory is correct. Sorry for those who are sick of winter and can't stand the cold : ( Thanks, TK

Matthew East 5:39 AM  

TK.... yeah, it does seem like we still have a ways to go to get sustained warmth.

Monday and Tuesday combined... probably around 0.5" for Huntersville area. More if adding in Sunday.

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