A little snow for some this morning, very cold tonight through tomorrow...

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Storm system is moving through the region this morning, and some areas could pick up a little bit of snow accumulation on grassy and elevated surfaces. This is not a huge deal at all for most outside the mountains.

Some rain showers will remain possible at times this afternoon, then a big-time surge of cold air takes over tonight through tomorrow.

Temps will then moderate as we get toward late-week.

Here's the details in today's video...


Anonymous 7:43 AM  

Would you say this week will be the last week we deal with winter's cold temps? I suppose after this week temp will warm up and probably no more snow threats?

Matthew East 5:40 AM  

The probability of snow additional snow threats is pretty low, but not zero. I would expect milder temps for portions of next week, but I can't say we've had our last blast of cold air.

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