Chilly today, minor system Saturday morning, watching next week...

>> Thursday, February 06, 2014

Highs today will be in the 40s for most under a veil of high clouds most of the day. A weak disturbance will swing through tonight and bring the chance of a few flurries or sprinkles, but moisture is too limited to be anything significant.

Another system will impact the region Saturday in the form of an area of low pressure just offshore. This does not look like a major system, but it does look like it might throw moisture far enough northwest to get in the area where temps aloft will support a little snow. This would mainly be in the mountains and northern foothills, but even down to I-40 or so, some light snow could be possible. However, this DOES NOT look like a big deal... not enough precip.

Now on to next week where there is potential for a bigger storm system to impact the region. The 0z cycle of models were in good agreement that a significant storm system will impact the region, but there were some timing and track differences. I detail all of this in the video.

The 6z run of the GFS has come in with a less significant system, and I also show why in the video.

The bottom line is this one bears watching. I think there is less potential for model madness with next week's system compared to what we dealt with leading up to Saturday's system, but some changes are inevitable, like we saw with the most recent GFS.


Anonymous 1:12 PM  

Hello Matt,

Just wanted to thank you for all you do for us weather fans, especially us SNOW fans!!

At what point do you think you will have a good take on what this system next week will do and do you think their will be a freezing rain issue for the triad area?


Anonymous 5:35 AM  

Yes, I agree! Thank you, I wake up every morning @ 5:30 just to get your take on the weather.

Matthew East 6:05 AM  

Caleb and Shelbe... thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it!

New discussion and video just posted.... all of the players should be on the field by around Sunday or Monday, so the scenario should be much more clear over the next couple of days.

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