Warm, humid, scattered storms....

>> Monday, July 08, 2013

After some overnight showers and storms in some areas, we will have the chance of some additional showers and storms in scattered fashion over the next few days. Days will be warm and muggy.

An upper level tough will approach the region again Thursday. This looks to once again create a wet, unsettled pattern across the region.


Chantal has formed. See the video for much more, and check my Tropical Weather page, linked on the left, for more info.


Heath Hamilton 11:52 AM  

Can you explain in a little greater detail what factors are creating this extended period of torrential rain that we have experienced?

Matthew East 5:54 AM  

Hi Heath.... Basically, we have pure tropical air in place, and with the air this moist, any little triggering mechanism that rolls along develops showers and storms.

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