Cold front settling in...

>> Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today's video:

A cold front is arriving into the region today and will give us good chances of showers and storms at times. Really at any point today or tonight, we are fair game to see some areas of rain and storms.

Then, as the front stalls out in the eastern Carolinas tomorrow, the chances of showers and storms will continue with the greatest coverage being the farther east you go.

Some heavy rain amounts are certainly possible, and that means additional flooding issues are likely in some areas, depending on where the heaviest rains set up.


Chantal degenerated into an open wave yesterday as it lost its battle with shear and land interaction. I doubt the system will get re-classified as a named system, but some rain and blustery conditions will remain possible in the Bahamas today and maybe the Southeast coast this weekend.


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