Wedge today, and lots of cold air coming. Weekend mischief?

>> Monday, March 18, 2013

The warmth of the weekend feels like a distant memory today with a wedge in play. See the video for more on temps today, but safe to say, much colder with clouds and light rain at times.

Showers tonight ahead of a cold front, and then we squeeze in a mild, albeit windy, day tomorrow before lots of cold air settles in for the medium to long range.

For those wanting Spring warmth to settle in..... not going to happen for the next 10 days or so. (The Price is Right horn makes an appearance in today's video just for you.) In fact, we will be looking at a lot of well below average temps from late this week through much of next week.

A frontal boundary in the northern Gulf could be a breeding ground for a couple of low pressure areas to form Friday through Monday. If that's the case, I can't even rule out some wintry weather mischief somewhere.

Again, please see the video for much more....


Anonymous 11:09 AM  

Hi Matt,
It seems perhaps spring is going to have a late start, just as our winter this past season had a late start (I don't think it really got started until past mid-January). Also, what you said is similar to what Accuweather said on their website about the snow chance for the upcoming weekend. That would be unusual if it does snow at this late in the season, but will be fun as well! (And maybe that might be the new norm?)

Matthew East 2:16 PM  

Haha..... yeah, certainly no sustained warmth anytime soon. Interesting to watch the weekend....

Mark 3:10 PM  

Hi Matt
Good job on the post...really look forward to the cold weekend in Atlanta, GA. Hoping to get some snow in North Ga Mountains. I forecast weather myself (I am a student forecaster, 11 years old), and I would love for you to visit my blog: It is just getting started. Please leave a comment on how you like my blog, and if you would maybe like to join my blog and make forecasts on it too. If not, just follow my blog.
Thank you,

Matthew East 3:19 PM  

Hi Mark..... checked out the blog. Nice job! Keep up the good work....

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