Feels like a mid-Winter day...

>> Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today is the first full day of Spring, but it feels like the dead of Winter out there with many highs around 20 degrees or so below average. Add in a stiff northwest wind....and it's cold.

A hard freeze is on the way tonight.

I spend a lot of time in today's video on the weekend system....take a look.

And I still see no sign of any 'warm' air for the rest of the month.


Anonymous 10:55 PM  

It's disappointing in spite of all the cold air we have, no possibility of snow at all. For those of you snow fans, to avoid getting disappointed again next season, advice is to plan a trip up north - VA, WV and points north - where they will have plenty of snow!

Matthew East 5:32 AM  

Yep, it's a shame this pattern couldn't happen a month earlier....

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