Dynamic storm system cranking up...

>> Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Please take a look at today's video. I have an in-depth look at a powerhouse storm system that will bring severe weather to parts of the Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley today, the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys tonight, and maybe our region tomorrow.

A significant severe weather outbreak is likely today and tonight in parts of the Plains and Mississippi Valley. Here is the early morning Day 1 outlook:

That system will spread eastward and move into the East Coast tomorrow. For the Carolinas, some showers are possible as soon as tonight, and then the bulk of the system will move through later tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Highs today will push well into the 60s, and then it could even be a bit warmer as that system arrives tomorrow.

This system will have tons of wind energy with it. In fact, the winds aloft will just be screaming overhead tomorrow. 850mb winds will exceed 60 and even 70 knots at times. Any showers or storms will easily tap those winds and mix them down to the surface.

It will be a windy day even outside of rain. I fully expect a good number of wind damage reports from across the region.

There is at least a small tornado risk as well. The limiting factor is instability, but the shear is through the roof. So we will see.

Chilly weather returns Thursday and stays with us through the weekend. A couple of clippers will move through as well and I will keep an eye on those.


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