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>> Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please see today's video for a complete wrap-up of our departing storm system as well as a look at cold weather and clippers headed our way....

What a storm system. The system had all kinds of wind energy with it, and we had a lot of wind damage reports across the Southeast as the system moved through. There was also some tornadic activity, most significantly around Adairsville, GA. I posted some amazing video of that tornado on Facebook and Twitter yesterday afternoon.

The mountains have dealt with all kinds of flooding problems.....many, many mountain spots had issues.

Today, cold air has returned with highs in the 40s and gusty west wind. A clipper will move in tonight and bring some more snow to the mountains, and a few flurries could break containment and brush through the northern piedmont late tonight.

Tomorrow will be cold...lots of highs in the 30s with northwest winds gusty at times. Highs will be in the 20s at best for most mountain spots.

Another clipper will swing through Saturday night. That one might have a little better chance of producing a few flurries east of the mountains, but again, ti doesn't look like a big deal outside of the mountains.

We could wind up with a couple more clipper next week...see the video for more....


Anonymous 8:57 PM  

I wonder when is our next chance of snow? 30 more days or so and it will be March and that means transition to Spring. Usually snow chances decrease once we head into March.

Matthew East 5:29 AM  

Yep....we have about another good 5 weeks of realistic chances...we will see.

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