Sunshine returns.... couple of systems on the horizon...

>> Thursday, December 13, 2012

Please see today's video for an extensive look at what's ahead....

Some highlights...

Sunshine back with us today and tomorrow. Cold night ahead tonight with lows of folks in the 20s.

Cold front will bring some shower chances Sunday with the best rains probably occurring Sunday night into Monday morning.

As expected, the models continue to really struggle to resolve the details of the system Tuesday-Wednesday. In fact, the 6z GFS has totally lost the system as it keeps all of the energy phased way up north. See the video for more.

Bitterly cold air looks to plunge into the Lower 48 later next week into the weekend prior to Christmas. It remains to be seen how far south that cold air makes it, but there could be some fun and games for somebody wherever waves of low pressure try to ride along that front.

Please see the video below...


Jonathan (Hickory, NC, calculus1 on AmericanWx) 7:58 AM  

Hi Matt-

Thanks for putting up these daily videos and posting your thoughts together with maps on AmericanWx. You do an excellent job explaining potential without hyping. Thanks for showing the possibilities with a positive and upbeat spin.

Matthew East 3:31 PM  

Thanks, Jonathan..... happy to do it. Thanks for watching!

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