Coastal low today...sunshine tomorrow and Friday...

>> Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Waves of rain will develop through Georgia into South Carolina and mainly eastern North Carolina. However, a little rain could make it roughly as far west as I-85 at times today and tonight. It will be a cool day around the region as well.

High pressure builds in and gives us lots of sunshine tomorrow and Friday.

Another front will move in this weekend and generally give some shower chances from Saturday night through Sunday night. The Euro model is much heavier with the rain amounts than the GFS, especially late Sunday and Sunday night.

System next week....

Interesting system to track next week. Let me just say that the pattern is very chaotic with tons of upper level energy moving around the Lower 48. The development of the system next week depends on the spacing and interactions between disturbances to be just right to develop a closed upper air low across the Southeast and then off the mid-Atlantic.

I think the idea of some snow occurring maybe in the mountains of NC and then points north from there could be increasing just a bit in the Tuesday-Wednesday time period. But it is still overly, overly early. Anything south and east of there will be tricky at best to get any snow, but we will see.

And, again, let me caution.... if these pieces of upper level energy do not interact as is currently modeled, this system could vanish altogether. Would not surprise me at all.

It's frankly way to early to even mention any areas, even the mountains, as having the chance of snow. But I am just throwing some ideas out there for you.

Please see today's video for more in depth thoughts...


Anonymous 1:54 PM  

With the rain coming down in the area and temperature dropping in the 30s tonight any chance we see a couple flurries?

Matthew East 3:44 PM  

No, the temps aloft are not quite cool enough....

Anonymous 5:10 PM  

black ice tomorrow am?

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