Cold and windy today.... mountain snow...

>> Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow is flying up in the mountains today, and it will be a decent little snow event in the favored northwest facing areas.

Winds are a big factor the mountains, gusts will be over 70 or 80mph at times with piedmont and foothills gusts likely over 40 or even 50mph at times.

It's also cold....piedmont highs will be in the 40s today.

Quiet this weekend, then all eyes turn to next week.

There are still all kinds of question marks with a wide range of tracks possible for the main system Wednesday. I detail this in today's video.... give it a look....


Dylan Long 10:50 AM  

So you along with Brad Panovich have been hinting about the VERY slight possibillity of a white day after christmas in the high country. All I know is after last yeasrs dissapointment of a season, it would be nice to get a few big storms. And that New years storm, whether it be just rain or whatever, that thing looks intense. Got my fingers crossed.

Matthew East 3:30 PM  

Hi Dylan..... yeah, the overall pattern as we head into January certainly doesn't look bad....better than we saw most of last Winter.

As for the day after Christmas, models keep shifting around, but I doubt it will be all snow in the mountains.

Dylan Long 8:10 PM  

Yea, this rain to snow stuff really irritates me, it cuts the snow totals at least in half. But oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous 1:39 PM  

I am looking more towards to what the New Years storm might do.


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