Monster storm....

>> Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is truly going to be fascinating to watch this monster of a storm system unfold. It boggles the mind to think about how all of the pieces for this to happen had to come together in exactly the 'right' way. But, all of these types of weather players are often on the field....they just rarely come together in this type of fashion. 

Honestly, I am having a difficult time getting a handle on exactly what will transpire for the New England coastal areas. There is not a ton of precedence for a system coming in at this angle with as low of a pressure as this could have. In all honesty, it could wind up being devastating coastal flooding and surge problems.

Some problems are likely along the NC Outer Banks, but the worst of the impacts from coastal surge will likely be from roughly Delmarva and New Jersey on up into New York. That is assuming the system comes ashore around NJ, which is my current thinking.

 For NC, some heavy rain and windy conditions are likely in eastern parts of the state. The rain amounts around the I 85 corridor look paltry, if there's any at all. All of the region will see winds really begin to ramp up later Sunday and especially into Monday and Monday night.

Snow... This will really be something. West Virginia looks to just get dumped on....measuring the snow in feet in some spots.

For the NC mountains, accumulating snow will almost certainly occur, the question is how much. At this time, I am thinking there will wind up being some heavy, wind driven snow in many mountain spots, and I could definitely see a 6-12" type of snow in some of the most favored areas if current trends hold. There could even be some flakes that work their way out into the Piedmont as some of the coldest 850mb temps wrap around on the south side of the system.


Laurie Allen 6:50 PM  

Thanks Matthew, it is very interesting!

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