A chaotic weather pattern....

>> Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I tell ya....it is hard to remember a time where the weather pattern was so loaded with energy and multiple disturbances. This makes for an extremely challenging and chaotic pattern.

In this type of pattern, it is going to be next to impossible to resolve the details of storm systems more than a day or two in advance. Just look at this weekend. At the moment, you have the GFS with a very chilly rain on Christmas Eve, while on the European and Canadian, it is Christmas Day.

One system will spread some rain in tonight through tomorrow. Another system will then move through later Thursday into Friday. Then we will have yet another over the Christmas weekend followed by another one sometime next week.

For the next two systems, we will be on the mild side of the system with highs next next few days largely in the 60s.

Chillier air will arrive over the Christmas weekend, and whichever day this weekend winds up being the rainy day, highs in the damming regions will likely be in the 40s.

As for snow and ice potential, the next three systems look to be rain-producers, although the weekend rain will likely be quite chilly. We will see about the system next week. Each system looks to get a little chillier as we go forward in time, and I would imagine at some point, we will get a good cold air damming episode to coincide with a storm system, but nothing definitive yet.


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